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Most used Punching Tools in Punching Machines

Punching machines offer a wide range of possibilities that allow the manufacturing of all kinds of parts, starting with sheets of different materials and thicknesses. Punching machines use, to do this, a set of punches and dies, with which the final piece it is manufactured. Punching tools can be classified into three groups: cutting tools, forming...
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Laser Cutting vs Punching

Today laser cutting has intruded on the space that historically belonged to punching and it has become the star technology in sheet metal fabricating industry since it helps fabricators to become more and more productive and competitive. Punching, however, still offers advantages over laser cutting, which make the punching machine irreplaceable. Tools evolution: there are tools that permit to...
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Benefits of sheet metal fabrication

Before you are going to make up your mind to take a highly intense tour of the enigmatic territory of Sheet metal fabrication you might want to ask for some incentives. Well, in that case, it is perhaps the beneficial aspects which should drive you towards these inspiring sheet metal fabrication components. Let’s make it pretty...
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In House UV Printing

King Component Ltd. is bringing home a UV printer, therefore count us in for any printing process.  We are bidding farewell to the traditional Silkscreening process and beginning a new era of UV Printing.                                           ...
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Introduction to Precision Sheet metal fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication? Taking any metal that can be stretched out and manipulated into a metal sheet and finally assembling into a product is known as precision sheet metal fabrication. Still confused? We can help you clearly understand by showing the processes involved and the tools used for the same. Precision Sheet metal fabrication...
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