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Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel fabrication by its very name is defined as a metal that is manipulated from one form to another. This process is the genesis that is considered fabrication. King component are known to be experts in stainless steel fabrication. The varieties of stainless steel fabrication products that are fabricated are almost endless; stainless steel fabrication can be found in structures such as commercial and residential properties, construction. Steel can be fabricated that are part of a variety of automotive components. They can also be ornamental which enhances the aesthetic look of an item.

Our design, engineering and production teams take into account the unique properties of a stainless steel fabrication process. Our design and engineering department can work from a wide range of sketches, detailed illustrations, CAD drawings, Solid Works concepts, or from actual samples provided by our clients. This information will determine the most cost-effective method of stainless steel fabrication. Our production consists of meticulously manufacturing customized stainless steel components. 

By incorporating our state of the art in-house automated equipment such as CNC machines, laser cutter, a variety of bending machines, stainless steel hold punchers, these capabilities help to ensure the stainless steel fabrication components are created to the customer’s exact specifications. In addition, king component carries a wide array of fabricating equipment that enhances the stainless steel fabrication processes. For example; we have a shearing machine that cuts full sheets of stainless steel down to the desired size. Another example is our laser cutter that has the ability to do laser etching, any design can be engraved to the stainless steel. It can also cut circular holes in a sheet of stainless steel circle by means of an attached mechanical wrist that moves in a 360-degree rotation. We also have the flexibility to produce everything from a single prototype to small, medium and large runs that pertain to the stainless steel fabrication. We provide the best quality